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Maxim’s highly accurate Battery Fuel Gauges are needed to avoid surprise shutdowns and for a positive user experience

Date:Sep 27, 2019From: Maxim Integrated

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Battery Fuel Gauges
Maxim’s highly accurate gauges are needed to avoid surprise shutdowns and for a positive user experience
Image of Maxim Integrated's Battery Fuel GaugesMaxim’s battery fuel gauges, also known as battery gas gauges, ascertain battery state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health. A battery fuel gauge IC can predict how much longer the battery can continue to provide power under specific operating conditions. Common complaints about any battery-powered device include inadequate battery life and unreliable battery SOC reporting. Users need highly accurate battery fuel gauges to avoid surprise shutdowns for a critical positive user experience.

Maxim's battery fuel gauges have been successfully used in over one billion devices. Time-to-empty, time-to-full, battery age forecasting, and dynamic power features extend the run-time of transient loads.

Highest accuracy SOC reporting, even in very low temperatures and very high load conditions
Low quiescent current for low-power applications such as wearables
Strong SHA-256 authentication to prevent counterfeit battery packs
Communication interfaces: I2C, 1-wire, and SMBus
Integrated protection to save space and simplify battery pack design
Easy setup without battery characterization (ModelGauge™ m5 EZ)
Easy manufacturability with short programming times and no calibration
AR/VR glasses
mPOS (mobile point-of-sale)
Health and fitness monitors
Portable game players
Power tools

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